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Lehigh Carbon Community College

To improve accessibility to education for all students, LCCC has created the Academic Debt Relief policy to enable students with outstanding balances from prior semesters to enroll in future semesters with the outstanding debt forgiven if conditions are met. After review, approval, and successful completion of the semester(s), the student’s prior semester debt will be removed and the debt will be waived.

How to Apply:

  1. Student must complete and submit the Tuition Appeal Form or Tuition Appeal Form (Non-Single Sign On) to the Business Office with the “Debt Relief” checkbox marked.
  2. The Tuition Appeal Committee meets bi-weekly to review submitted applications
  3. Student is notified via email of the next steps.
  4. Student is required to attend an Academic Debt Relief workshop, provided by the Academic Advising Services. The workshop includes completion of an ‘Academic Debt Relief Success Plan.’ Upon workshop completion, an Advisor will assist the student with course selection and registration.
  5. After successful completion of conditions (as listed below), the College will waive the student’s outstanding debt.

Conditions and Requirements:

  • This is a one-time debt relief initiative; a student cannot re-apply.
  • Students must enroll in a minimum of two courses (6 credits) in the semester they return.
    • After completion of all required credits for debt relief, student debt will be removed.
    • The required credits, determined by LCCC Bursar, are based on the fee charged to the college.
    • Upon completion of these requirements, the college will forgive the remaining debt owed to the college by the student.
  • Students must have a completed FAFSA on file to ensure they are aware of and accessing available grant funds. Students will not be required to accept student loan funds, but will have the option to do so to assist with paying their tuition.
  • Payment in full, payment plan or authorized financial aid must be in place prior to the start of current terms’ payment due date to ensure the student has the means to pay for the current semester attending.